On the Issues

Quality We Can Rely On

We can provide a 21st Century Public School Education for all our children.   

In this changing economy all our children must have access to the same educational opportunities and resources that students in other areas of Virginia have. As your next delegate I will work to find the necessary funding to ensure all our children receive the same opportunities as other students across Virginia receive. 

Let's Get To Work

We need to help our 19th District families who are out of work by 

1.  By coordinating federal and state tuition assistance programs that will help displaced workers learn a new skill.    

2.  By providing low interest loans to help our small business owners, with less than 5 employees, finance the start up or expansion of their business.                                  

Don't Steal From Our Senior Citizens

We can protect our senior citizens Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits.  

As your next delegate, I will fight to protect our senior's earned benefits so they will never have to choose between heating their homes, buying food, or taking the medication they need. 

We can finish the Route 220 road improvement project. 

Surely 38 years of waiting for the Route 220 road improvements to be finished is long enough!  As your next delegate I will insist that Virginia return the funding that has been allocated to get this long overdue and important road work completed. This will not only create jobs in the 19th District, it will also increase the amount of goods that can be moved.

Lets Buy Virginia Products and Services

"Virginia Comes First"